The American Wine Society (AWS) is for anyone who is interested in wine and wants to learn more about it. Our mission is the "appreciation of wine through education" and our membership includes wine lovers from novice to expert, amateur and professional winemakers, and people in all aspects of the wine trade. We offer the opportunity for members to learn about wine, winemaking, and wine & food pairing - with others who share your love of the grape.

Why Join?

  • Be part of a National Community of people who love wine and want to know more about it.
  • Learn about wine in a fun and educational environment.
  • AWS is dedicated to the appreciation of wine through education – for people who want to learn about wine, not just drink wine.
  • AWS Members receive two wine publications throughout the year with information about all aspects of wine.
  • The annual AWS Conference offers over 45 wine related sessions to taste and learn about wines from the wineries themselves.

Interested in learning more about the East Las Vegas Valley Chapter of AWS? E-mail us at membership@elvvaws.org